Unsold Ad Inventory at Discounted Rates

Unsold Ad Inventory at Discounted Rates

Most small brands and advertisers do not understand what Remnant or Unsold advertising inventory mean and the benefits that comes with buying such inventory. It is for this reason that we have this article to help you better understand the concept and benefit of buying our unsold inventory.

Unsold inventory also known as remnant inventory are those ad spaces that a publisher or network has not sold or was not able to sell as premium. The reasons for the publisher or network not being able to sell the space can vary from high costs to just not having enough clients available to fill the space.

Dochase remnant inventory is sold at a highly discounted rate against the premium inventory. Since our unsold inventory is sold at a lesser rate compared to the premium inventory, some would say it has less value, but that is not the case.

Two of the primary benefits of our unsold inventory are cost and exposure. Our unsold ad space is usually offered at a drastically discounted price, but still offers major exposure on our top sites and apps. The low cost of our unsold ad inventory also means that smaller-to-medium-sized businesses can affordably reach a large audience that would normally be out of their league.

Premium vs. Remnant Inventory

When comparing premium vs. remnant inventory, the value of each truly depends on what the brand/advertiser needs and abilities are. Big brands have no problem buying premium ad spaces, but that isn’t the case for all businesses. Small-to-medium-sized business may need to seek out more affordable and reasonable options to advertise and reach audiences globally, which is why buying remnant inventory is the best option.

Dochase Adx offers a low-cost marketing solution, with massive discounts. Advertising on our unsold inventory is a great way to test new ads or perform A/B testing, without the risks of making a huge investment and still get value for your money. When a business is marketing off-season, remnant ad space lets you access your target audience and boost the chances that they will continue to buy into your product or services. Remnant space helps you build brand recognition if you are a fresh, new business, and it expands your reach to target your prospects outside of your local region. Although premium inventory offers most of these benefits, it does not come close in terms of the cost to value ratio.

If you want your digital ads to benefit from reach and exposure but are looking for a more affordable way to deliver your message to your target audience, Dochase unsold/remnant ad inventory is the solution for you. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, working with Dochase Adx can be a partnership that leads you to even greater success.

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