Track your Customers Online with Lead Generation, on Dochase Adx.

Track your Customers Online with Lead Generation, on Dochase Adx.


A bidding model that most advertisers know little about and is trending, CPL.

Advertising on Dochase guarantees direct communication between an advertiser and his/her Current and potential customers through CPL – “Lead Generation”.

CPL is a short for Cost per Lead, which could also be known as ‘’Lead Generation’’. Cost per Lead is a bidding model where advertisers pay for certain information of current and potential customers that are interested in the advertisers’ product and services. This information could be gotten from filling a form and may include; email address, mobile number or any contact information of interested customers.

Lead generation helps the advertiser to gather contact details (lead) of interested customers. This contact detail can later be used by the advertiser for direct selling through email campaigns, newsletters, SMS or calls.

Cost per Lead bidding model has the advantage of helping an advertiser get feedbacks, (because of its two-way communication style) from users/customers that have shown interest in the product/services. An advertiser gets to know the likes and dislikes of current and potential customers about his/her product and services, this will help the advertiser know how best to serve and satisfy the needs of his/her customers.

Advertisers that use Cost per Lead CPL bidding model on Dochase, can have interested users and customers reach/contact them directly. This is possible on Dochase through Click-to-Call and Click-to-SMS.

Instead of putting customers through the process of filling a form, on Dochase they could just click on your ad and it dials or sends an SMS to the number you have given for the campaign. This allows you to have the contact number of such user/customer as well and can reach them at advertiser’s convenience on the number with which they have called or sent SMS and advertiser can get suggestions directly from them.

Finally, advertising on Dochase using the Cost per Lead (CPL) bidding model, is cost effective. Advertisers can get quality Return on Investment (ROI) that they are satisfied with. All of these are possible first, by signing up to become an advertiser on Dochase, let us help you make advertising much easier and a whole lot productive for you, using the link below;

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