Programmatic Advertising : The Necessary Future for African SME’s. (4 mins read)

Programmatic Advertising : The Necessary Future for African SME’s. (4 mins read)

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I’m SaintGermain Onwukeme and let me tell you, first off programmatic advertising is a real buzz kill for most people. I can’t put my finger on it but i guess the name programmatic sends the nerd signals to the brain and it takes the flight option. In a nutshell programmatic advertising is using technology to target the right ads to the right customers. I remember once seeing a bet365 ad online on livescores website sometime in 2010 and i didn’t know a thing about sports betting and was not interested. If they stayed on the site all day, i would not click on the ad to be sure.

That’s why we need to save money and send the ads to someone who’ll be interested in it. A man once said that “Defense wins you titles” and in this case, saving cost of advertising is important. As someone who’s worked with a lot of small, smaller and even “minute” startups i’ll say that being smart with cash is a necessity without option. When it comes to advertising, the common phrase is that “A good thing sells itself”. While that’s interesting, it needs to be seen in order to sell right? Now we take it a bit further, It needs to be shown to the right people. If it’s done, you can then use that feedback to improve your project and direct your resources to the right places.

Three major benefits of programmatic advertising are:

Reach – You reach a wider range of people with your budget than just “Tossing the coin”

Cost- When you can reach the right group, you can save cost from advertising to those who aren’t interested

Efficiency: Pretty obvious from the above: When you save time and money, your business has a greater chance of optimizing and improving which are key channels for growth.

That’s what Dochase Adx is about: Connecting the right advertisers to the right users.

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