We do not all read through every single advertisement we find in a magazine. We only read the advertisements that catch our eyes. When a company purchases an ad in a magazine with a large readership, they’re paying for that readership, regardless of whether or not anyone actually notices the ad.

But Dochase online advertising is different. You can avoid wasting thousands on ads that never convert by paying when consumers engage with your ad instead. Performance-based marketing on Dochase is about advertising in the right place, at the right time, and saying the right things to the right people.

What is Performance-based Marketing?

Performance-based marketing is a method of interactive advertising paid for not with a set price, but with a variable price that depends on the performance of the ad. For example, the cost of an ad might be based upon how often it’s viewed on a web-page, how often it’s actually clicked, how often it actually generates a lead, or how often it results in a sale.

In this type of marketing, you purchase ad space and pay only when someone reacts to your ad. The reaction you purchase is up to you.

The method is advantageous particularly from the cost point of view, as the purchaser pays on a ‘’performance’’ basis. On Dochase Adx, the performance-based marketing payments models include:

  • Cost Per Thousand views (CPM – ‘’M’’ stands for the Roman numeral thousand) – in this case, the price will depend on how often the ad is displayed to a user.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – The purchaser pays for every click on the ad.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) – Payment for whenever a customer provides contact information.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) – This refers to the actual sale, which generally requires credit-card information.

Performance-based marketing is not effective for all kinds of businesses, as it typically reaches those who spend a great amount of time online. Most performance-based advertising promotes online sales, as it is assumed that once a customer has opened the ad, is already feeling more comfortable with making transactions online.

This method is more effective for the generation who grew up with mobile devices(millennia) and less effective for seniors who still mistrust E-commerce. Most performance-based advertising promotes online sales; therefore, it’s assumed that the audience for a given ad is already comfortable with making transactions online.

Effectiveness of Performance-based Marketing

  • It is important that you develop attractive ads in order to achieve effective performance-based marketing for your businesses.
  • The ads should have easy-to-understand landing pages and click-through processes. One must take into account that CPM advertisements promote offline purchases which make it one of the weakest forms of performance-based marketing, as the businesses pay for a large audience, but there is no guarantee that the audience will respond to the ad.
  • The next step is to reach us at Dochase, we will help place your ads in relevant locations on our partner web-pages, targeting the desired audience, wishing for the customer to click on the ad. In this case, your business purchase CPC advertisement.
  • The landing pages for click ads, should be user-friendly and optimized for the user experience. If the customer has reached the landing page, it means that he came there on purpose. Therefore, it is compulsory to present a compelling value proposition, in order to lead him to make the purchase. Otherwise, the landing page becomes ineffective, as the company pays per click, but no actual sale happened.

Performance-based marketing on Dochase Adx, connects your ads with relevant field or industry, for example, posting the ad on a blog which discusses the industry you operate in, or simply reviews products in the field you are selling. Performance-based marketing is also cost-effective, as the most popular words are obviously the most expensive. Linking your ads with publishers that publish texts about the industry or field you are operating in, increases the chances of acquiring more relevant viewers.

Performance-based marketing is a ”must use’’ tool of marketing as it presents a bundle of advantages, particularly to small businesses. It is a great opportunity to increase the audience value and acquire customers at a lower cost.