Dochase Real-Time Data Reporting

Dochase Real-Time Data Reporting

Real-time data and real-time marketing are essential to thrive in today’s market. The benefits of Dochase real-time marketing and real-time data are too vast to be ignored. Customers demand the kind of customized, responsive experiences only real-time data can provide. This kind of data is constantly flowing and ever-accessible on the platform, allowing you to adjust and plan accordingly for present and future campaigns.

Not only can our real-time reporting data help you operate in the most efficient way possible, it can also enable you effectively maximize  individual customer interactions, and ensure that you’re providing your customers with exceptional services.

Below are benefits of using Dochase Real-Time Reporting;

1. Know Who Your Customers Are

Real-time data allows you to build an accurate representation and depiction of your audience, including static data, such as addresses, preferences, habits and more. Real-time data delves into the core of who the audience is. Remember, customers have their differences. They may dislike a certain product within a service category, for instance, while responding to something different within that category that speaks to another need.

2. Finding the Right Data to Get Your Answers

The trick is to discover why the competition’s wearable devices perform better by knowing your customers. Even if you cannot acquire the necessary insights, you can go through second- or third-party data sources. Or, you can take a look at the performance and sentiment data related to the products you have released.

You can gather in-depth insights about your audience regarding age, gender, race and more. You can also learn their average budget or family income. Include all this information in future campaigns to improve performance and engagement.

3. Analyze the Conversion Funnel From a Different Angle

Dochase Real-time data allows you to analyze the customer journey from different angles. When you create the experience or work on improving it, you look at it from the perspective of your business and brand. You might spend time getting to know your audience and trying to match up with their needs. You don’t often think about what they experience. Unfortunately, this is how many brands and organizations grow out of touch with their customer base.

In comparison, real-time data analysis allows you to follow your customers through the entire conversion process, and react accordingly at each touchpoint. Historical data analysis, on the other hand, shapes future interactions, which is also its flaw. By the time historical data comes in, and your team has a chance to analyze it and put it to use, the customer who was involved is long gone.

Customer feedback and surveys are among the best ways to see things from the perspective of your audience. You can see why a process doesn’t work as well as you thought it would. With real-time data systems, you can process and combine this information to deliver more influential data. You can see why customers don’t like a particular process, and what can be done to improve performance — both from an efficiency and customer-satisfaction standpoint.

4. Compare Platforms to See What Performs Best and Drives the Most Results

Marketing calls for you to divide your time among various platforms, technologies, channels and systems. On social media, for instance, you must focus on one or two major outlets, instead of trying to become an influencer on all of them and spreading yourself thin.

With so many opportunities, you may wonder which channels are most appropriate for your business. Real-time data makes this not only a viable solution, but a productive one, as well. You can monitor incoming data to see what platforms work best for a particular campaign and adjust accordingly.

5. Provide a Unique Experience for Every Visitor

Personalization is crucial in today’s market. Why? Modern data systems are making it possible to deliver unique experiences to everyone. Once customers have tasted this level of personalization, they expect it whenever they visit a website. Seventy-five percent of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer or brand that:

  • Recognizes them by name
  • Knows their purchasing history, and recommends similar items

Guess what makes both of the above possible? Yes, it’s real-time data. Dochase analytics tools and customer insight platforms allow you to collect, process and deploy this information.

6. Promote Different Products and Services Based on Insights

Marketing must tailor content, products and services to the audience you wish to satisfy. Running a promotional campaign aimed at millennials, for instance, will have little to no impact on middle-aged demographics.

Dochase real-time data reporting allows you to promote different products and services based on the information flowing in. You can improve or optimize a service launch. You can cancel a campaign entirely if it fails to connect with the right audience. You can even come up with something unorthodox you might never have thought of otherwise. And all of it is powered by Dochase accessible, real-time data analytics platform.

7. Run Tests in Real Time

Traditionally, a lot of customer and performance data flowed in, but you couldn’t do much with it until you had a certain amount. If you wanted to know if a product is doing well, for instance, you’d need to collect the performance data for that product over an extended period of time.

Now, you can run tests and receive results in real time, thanks to Dochase analytics, which open up so many new avenues for any brand or organization.

8. Identify What Is Working and What Isn’t

There will be times when you and your team deploy a campaign or platform that fails. It happens even to the best of us. In addition to knowing your audience, you also have to be able to adapt to their shifting needs and desires.

Something called predictive analytics allows you to make more accurate predictions for how a customer base or audience will react to a particular move.

9. React and Respond to Issues Faster

Dochase real-time data allows you to get a better understanding of what’s happening around you and within your audience, but it also comes in soon enough that you can make split-second decisions. If a product looks like it’s going to waste time, resources and money for little return, you can cancel it sooner than you would otherwise. Why? Because you can assess through real-time data the true performance of the product, why it’s not working and what went wrong.

Imagine the common scenario where a customer abandons their cart without completing the transaction. You could send that customer an email offering a coupon or exclusive discount, which might be enough to entice them to go through with the purchase.

For your business, you can use Dochase real-time targeting to drive the performance and success of your products and services. More importantly, you can react to trends, customers and even the competition more openly, more efficiently and more accurately.

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