What Makes an Effective Marketing Campaign

What Makes an Effective Marketing Campaign


What Makes an Effective Marketing Campaign

Any marketing campaign at all is better than none, this is because you are directing your business marketing efforts to prospective clients instead of sitting blindly and expecting increase in sales and it never comes. But effective marketing campaign is the one that gets you the results you are looking for, and that takes serious planning and execution.

For a campaign to be effective you need to know the following:

  1. Know Your Target Audience/Customers

For a marketing campaign to be successful you need to research on your audience. Know who your product or service is targeted at (their age, sex, lifestyle, what they like or don’t like….) this will enable you to know how best to direct your message to grab and hold the attention of prospective clients to give expected results.

  1. Highlight Your Unique Advantage

You need to know your competitors, list them out and find out what their weaknesses are. For your marketing campaign to be effective you need to emphasize on those qualities that makes your product better than your competition. Your prospective clients want to know what unique qualities you have that beats other brands of the same product.

  1. Choose a Medium

For a marketing campaign to be effective, you need to know where to find your clients. This also has to do with researching on your clients and knowing their preferred media. You don’t want to place your ad campaigns on a medium such as radio and your targeted audience do not get to hear or know about it, thereby having an ineffective campaign where the ads do not reach your target audience, such marketing campaign is ineffective and does not give you required results. Choose media where most if not all your target audience use on a daily basis, doing this will assure you that your message will reach them. Dochase helps you reach your target audience using artificial intelligence to identify them in various channels and pushes your messages to them real time.

  1. Have a Budget

In as much as you want to cut cost on advertising, make sure your budget is not too low. Having a budget that is too low would ruin the whole idea for which you want to run a marketing campaign. You need to spend money to make money. Spending your money on the right things is what makes your campaign effective.

  1. Set Marketing Campaign Objectives

Setting campaign objective simply means having specific target you want to achieve. You don’t create a campaign just to increase sales but you want to know the percentage to increase achieved over the period for which your campaign will run. For instance, you want your campaign to run for a period of 6months with an increase of 200% in sales at the end of the campaign. This way you are able to measure the effectiveness of your campaign at the end of the 6months campaign period.

  1. Monitor Results

Find out where new clients heard about your product or services. Knowing this will help you evaluate which media is most profitable and which element of your ad is most effective in passing your message.

Dochase Advantage

Dochase enables you achieve effective advertising/marketing by placing your marketing campaign on multiple channels, where your marketing campaign can get a wider reach, that is; getting your message to and creating awareness to a larger number of clients/customers.

With Dochase, your marketing campaign does not only have a wider reach but also reach the right audience, the specific persons that are interested in a product or service like yours.

The Dochase technology makes it easy to monitor the performance of your campaign and optimize areas that are performing better than others. The system also gives you room to follow up on clients that have shown interest in your campaign, giving you the chance to start measuring success of your marketing campaign right away. Ad campaigns are most effective when these are achieved.

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