Introducing Dochase Social

Introducing Dochase Social

Dochase Adx introduces another first, the Dochase Social. A new way to help small medium scale businesses and individuals influence market and trends on social media.

The Dochase social is for small businesses, social media influencers, businesses that do not have a website but have Instagram account, Twitter handle.

Leveraging on the Dochase data and technology, individuals with small businesses will be able to grow their influence on social media, increase Instagram followers, twitter followers, advertise on Facebook, and engage customers.

Do you have a small business and low budget? Dochase social is for you

Some of the features of the Dochase Social includes;

  • The click to call which enables small businesses that do not have a website to advertise and let customers call them directly,
  • Engaging users directly on mobile (phones and tablets),
  • Increase your followers on Instagram and Twitter and influence decisions,
  • Reach new customers on YouTube and Facebook.

So, if you are a makeup artist, event planners, or sell product offline, this service will help you reach more customers, increase followers on all social media, new and existing clients can call you to buy your product or services.

The Dochase Social has offers such as;

Ø  Targeting – get your ads to the right audience by targeting those customers that are most likely to buy your product or services on all channels.

Ø  Wide Reach – get your ad to reach as many customers as possible across the globe and a wide range of channels all on one platform.

Ø  Control – on Dochase Social you can monitor your ad progress. This makes it easy to control your advert placement and spend by placing your ads on those channels that are performing more than others. Thereby optimizing results and progress level.

Ø  Increase Market – Dochase Social helps you grow your business with cost effective marketing solution.

Do you have a music, story, video or image you want to make viral? Use the Dochase social to make it happen. Brands can use the service to reach new markets, engage existing customers. they can drive app installations and user acquisitions with the Dochase social.

Packages are pocket friendly and smooth.


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