Does a Good product actually sell itself?

Does a Good product actually sell itself?

Does a good product actually sell itself?

As a saying goes ” beware of popular sayings” of which the one being put in the spotlight is “A good product sells itself”.

Does it?
In my opinion, how would one know it’s good if it’s not sold already? And also what makes it a good product?

All these questions are basically advertising questions. For the most part everyone or most people don’t want to worry about constantly wanting to advertise their product before it’s sold and hence spend a lot of time trying to come up with the “perfect product”. While i laud those who spend countless hours on R&D, i usually wonder if they’re saying the prayer and forgetting the amen.

Call it packaging, call it dressing up or whatever, it’s a common knowledge that aesthetics matter. We most likely if given a minute to shop through a store would pull towards the most appealing commodities. Take for instance the Premier League in England or the term “Brazilian Hair” these are items which are sold more for their perceived than intrinsic value. Why? because that “good product” is not complete without the marketing.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a blue chip, advertising can never be over emphasized: out of sight would mean out of mind and invariably out of their pockets.

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