Many businesses today are heavily dependent on Lead Generation as it generates traffic to their websites where they can convert leads into paying customers, they therefore seek new strategies to generate quality leads.

In this blog post, we will reveal our newest innovation which will satisfy brands and advertisers need to generate quality leads and achieve increased ROI.

Automating Lead Response Time

There has always been a struggle with responding to lead engagement and interest in a timely and effective manner. Follow up on your lead too late and your lead will have probably moved on––or worse, they’ll have forgotten they even interacted with you.

This process of contacting leads within five minutes of showing engagement can be automated and immediate it also makes you 4000% more likely to enter them into your pipeline.

Dochase Chatbot

The Dochase Chatbot is simply a software that communicates with your customers via a messaging app, whatsapp.

Today, people are using messaging apps to communicate with friends and family more than they use telephone or social networks. With our Chatbot you can reach and engage people where they currently are.

A company’s website is very critical in the sales process of converting a customer, it must be able to hook and keep them engaged and provide them with the information they need as easily as possible. This is usually unlikely as customers rarely view an entire website page before they leave.

Dochase Chatbot comes in handy in situations like this and we have helped businesses overcome this pain point as they help visitors in answering their simple questions almost immediately. This makes our chatbot an important tool for lead generation as it also removes friction between the company and the customers and increases customer value.

What is a Lead Generation Bot?

Lead generation bots are designed to specifically identify potential customers and encourage their interest into various products and services offered by the organization. These kind of bots use conversational approach to collect client information and in return offer them business and product information

Our Chatbot Offerings

  1. Gain massive leads through our numerous digital advertising space for your business.
  2. Interact directly with customers who have a genuine interest in your business and just make a single click to reach you.
  3. Utilize our dedicated, customizable, automated business response (Chatbot) to interface with your customers while you are away, to meet your business needs

Operational Mode

Our WhatsApp Chatbot is customized uniquely according to a client’s business needs. In doing that, we use a detailed operational flow of the client’s business, provided by the client, as a Knowledge Base to meet the client’s customers’ dynamic.

More so, clients are given unique mobile contact number registered on Business WhatsApp account with which we embed the Chatbot that interfaces with their customers

Benefits of Dochase Chatbot

  1. Round the clock support means higher client satisfaction rates.
  2. Getting instant replies means that customers can have a two-way conversation with businesses. Dochase chatbots is capable of personalizing conversations, which will add to the value and quality of the interaction.
  3. The Dochase chatbots will help carry out the bulk of the repetitive work that marketers need to carry out, freeing them up for more strategic work.
  4. The End-to-end encryption that comes with our Chatbot offers users’ data and identity protection.
  5. Our chatbot is customized to deal with frequently asked questions, complex queries can be automatically handed from the bot to a customer support executive using chatbot-to-human handover.
  6. You can rely on our Chatbot for greater engagement that will deliver even bigger savings especially by reducing customer support cost and increasing employee productivity.
  7. As customers receive instant responses from your business and engage more with the chatbot, the two-way conversation adds to brand loyalty.
  8. With our chatbot, clients do not only initiate conversations with businesses but also have instant resolutions to their queries.

As a growing business, how can you maximise your chances of getting customers when competitors are constantly trying to steal your precious customers? You must get the absolute best out of every business idea, including customer service, marketing, and sales.

Lead generation is one of the crucial part of the growth of the business and effective strategies are to be implemented to keep them leads coming! A lead generation chatbot can help you through this and can be the ideal tool for automation of lead generation process.