Dochase In-App Advertising

Dochase In-App Advertising

As we all know more and more people access the internet using their mobile phones. According to Mary Meeker’s report, smartphone users are now spending 89% of their total time spent on any media in mobile apps and only 11% on the mobile Web.

Dochase has identified In-app advertising a an effective way to reach and engage specific mobile users without being offensive. App developers can monetize their in-app inventory to quality ads from top brands that align with the apps content and users. Advertisers can reach and engage target customers with contents that supports branding, acquisition, loyalty and awareness.

Advantages of In-App Advertising for App Developers;

  • Balance user experience with right Ad experience; monetizing on Dochase you can complement your user experience with ad experience using any of the different ad formats. In-app ad formats include; display ad, native ad, interstitial ads, video and rich media ads.
  • Open your app to quality demands across the globe; Dochase has good a number of advertising demands from Ad Agencies , Blue chip brands from across the globe who are looking for quality traffic to place their ads.
  • Increase Revenue from your App; get the best pricing for your In-app inventory and earning more on Dochase Adx.
  • Improve User retention and engagement; with the right ad tailored to your app theme and content, appearing in the right frequency and capping you tend to improve user in-app engagement and retention.
  • Improve User Experience; you can improve user experience by offering users reward for seeing, opening and engaging with an ad.

Advantages of In-App Advertising for Advertisers;

  • Reach Vast Range of Mobile Users; mobile users are spending more time in their apps than they are on mobile sites. With our in-app data, advertisers can target ad to their customers from the array of app users across the globe and all verticals.
  • High Click-through Rate; in-app advertising offers a higher click-through rate than mobile web advertising. A study has shown that in-app ads perform 11.4 times better than normal banner ads. On Dochase Adx in-app due to its higher click-through rate leads to more conversion than web advertising.
  • Better Targeting; advertising with Dochase in-app helps advertisers to have good view of the audience he intends to reach with his ad. Apps have been known to pull direct demographic and location data of its users, making it easy for brands to target ad to specific users.

Dochase In-App advertising offers advertisers endless advertising opportunities. Dochase In-app advertising help advertisers move from ineffective and generalized targeting to more effective and specific targeting.

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