Dochase Adx – Video Advertising

Dochase Adx – Video Advertising

When talking about digital video advertising, you may have heard a long list of scholarly words such as “in-stream”, “pre-roll”, “in-banner”. A digital video ad is any ad containing a video that is delivered via an internet network (3G, 4G, Fiber, xDSL, etc.) and displayed on an internet-connected device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV). Video advertising encompasses online display advertisements that have video within them, but it is generally accepted that it refers to advertising that occurs before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet.

On Dochase Adx, Ad-buyers specifically brand advertisers see how valuable digital video is in targeting and delivering cross-platform niche audiences to advertisers, especially younger, tech-savvy, and thus highly desirable demographics.

Most advertisers are familiar with the various options of video ads that are both on-brand and personalized, based on user interests, platform and device. Brands should broaden their approach to video ads this year to ensure they don’t miss out on opportunities to connect with audiences.

Below are major Video Ad formats;

  • In-stream

When the video ad is run before, in the middle or after video content and respectively called pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, in the same way as a commercial break on TV.

  • Out-stream

When a video ad is displayed in a standard banner placement. Other names for this are in-display video, in-banner video, in-page video, rich media ad, video interstitial, incentivized video and in-feed video

  • In-banner

In-banner video ads are video ads triggered within a standard display banner ad on a webpage. They usually follow standard Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) banner sizes (e.g., 300 x 250).

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