Dochase | Truecaller App

Dochase | Truecaller App

Dochase Adx is proud to announce to her advertisers that they can now buy Truecaller inventory directly from their dashboards. Advertisers can reach and engage the widest pool of mobile users on mobile all over the world.

Truecaller was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden. Truecaller is a mobile app developed to help find details of given telephone numbers globally, even when the user does not already have the given number in his/her phone-book.

Advertisers can efficiently reach users since Truecaller relies greatly on Call Intent Targeting (CIT). CIT is all about serving ads to a user at the exact right time that the user is most likely going to engage with such ad, to serve ads when users are engage and present. Due to the fact that Truecaller already has the permission of its users to have access to their location, time, pictures and other personal details like; date of birth, name and so on.  For example, a user will probably get a Chicken Republic ad pop up on their phone the exact time they are going for lunch, this user is more likely yo engage with such ad than a user who is probably in a different time zone and has just settled in to work for the day.

Ads on Truecaller appear just below an incoming or outgoing caller theme, a missed call or a just-ended call notification, notification view or a call log view as in the image below;

Advertisers on Dochase are able to add their own theme, colour, logos and messages just as they would on all our advertising features on Truecaller as well. All of these will be integrated in the Truecaller native interface enabling advertisers to engage users with great brand experience.

Two months ago, Truecaller launched its chat feature to combat fake news in addition to its other features that include; SMS filtering, call recording, number scanner, tagging system and many more.

In Africa, the app is focusing majorly on Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt. Truecaller has revealed that the app receives nothing less than 5million impressions daily in Nigeria. This is great news for Dochase advertisers as they can now engage more customers very efficiently.

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