Ads Policies

Ads Policies

Most publishers do not know how to combine managing user engagement and ad monetization. They sometimes focus too much on ads and its returns and forget about their users.

Dochase ads has its own ads policy. It is important for all Dochase publishers to comply with these policies if they are interested in increasing ad revenue.

  • Adult Content, Nudity, Sexual Encounter(Images, videos or or write ups)

Some Publishers have adult rated images and videos on their websites. This pictures and videos are mostly pictures of naked model or models in revealing outfits. Any picture or video that you can neither show to a child or your grand mother should not be on your website. These content will include but not limited to; Is sexually suggestive, explicit or pornographic in nature; Includes nudity, sex toys, videos and/or images of people in sexually suggestive or provocative positions; Promotes or facilitates casual sex or discreet encounters; Includes sexually oriented cartoon images, including anime, manga, hentai; Relates to fetishes and sexual aids or sex toys; Includes sexually explicit text, including jokes, erotic stories and descriptions of sexual acts; Includes crude language or excessive profanity; Contains images of people posing in a seductive manner, or wearing see-through or sheer garments; Provides advice on sexual performance, or advice on STDs

It is important to always check what ads/contents show on your website from time to time especially from third party ads.

  • Misleading or Offensive Contents/Ads

Dochase will not support any form of deceit whatsoever, some publishers intentionally apply misleading contents(falsehood) or ads on their websites to deceive users into clicking on them to generate traffic or to increase clicks from ads on their sites. These will include but not restricted to; Share misinformed or false content; Contains language or images which are violent, disrespectful, vulgar or explicit; content that is intentionally designed to repulse, disgust, or repel the user; Includes any deliberate use of fraudulent, factually incorrect, or deceptive claims for the sole purpose of attracting traffic (i.e. click-baiting)

  • Insufficient Content

When your website has little or no content on it, it is difficult to have users coming on such website. With low content your users hardly have anything to read on your website.

Some websites, have a lot of pictures and videos on them and hardly any text to explain what they are really into. Websites like this are not approved on the Dochase publishers list.

  • Excessive Pop-ups

Excess pop-ups are also prohibited on Dochase ads. You don’t want to annoy and scare away users with too many pop-ups. Imagine if you  have to see and close a different windows  every time you open a new page, this is not cool.

  • Private and Personal Information

As much as you want to write interesting content to draw reader attentions, Dochase Adx will not advertise with publishers that have content on other persons private life, character, or personal circumstances. such things will include but not limited to; criminal record or status, financial status, divorce, family problem, depression, health conditions, sexual orientation, sexual practices and so on.

  • Harassment, Hate speech and violence

This will include but not limited to; Is hateful or discriminatory to any groups or individuals based upon their race, sex, nationality, religious affiliation, age or sexual orientation; Insults, defames or threatens any groups or individuals; Promotes disenfranchisement or harassment of groups or individuals; Promotes hate groups, groups that assert supremacy or groups that encourage violence; Promotes, glorifies or condones violence against others; Provides information about, or advocates for, suicide or other forms of self-harm and so on.

  • Children Content

Content that is in any way against children or targeted to children below the age of 16.

  • In-genuine/Malicious Traffic and Deceptive Practices

Dochase will not work with publishers that intentionally multiply traffic or generate deceptive/fraudulent inventory. The below and more are some of the examples of such deceptive traffic;

  1. Generate traffic from machine-initiated activity, such as botnets, traffic farms, servers hosting facilities, data centers, virtual machines, emulators and anonymous proxies, and other sources of invalid traffic
  2. Acquire traffic through malicious or deceptive activity (toolbar installations, malware, adware)
  3. Obfuscate, alter, or misrepresent the originating source, domain or URL
  4. Artificially generate or inflate clicks with the intent of misleading the buyer
  5. Intentionally circumvent inventory quality filters via geo fencing and hide the original geolocation of the user
  6. Generate impressions that circumvent explicit choices of the consumer (e.g., ad blocking)
  7. Change user preferences or browser settings, or that initiate downloads without clear user consent
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Illegal Drugs and Paraphernalia

This will include but not limited to sites with content that;

  1. Facilitates or promotes the use of cigarettes of all types(electronics, tobacco, rolling papers etc.)
  2. Primarily features excessive consumption of alcohol
  3. Promotes Cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine substitutes, mephedrone, “legal highs”
  4. Promotes or facilitates recreational drug use, including content related to pipes or bongs.
  5. Provides instructions about producing, purchasing, or using recreational drugs
  6. Includes tips or recommendations on drug use
  7. Relates to marijuana use (including medical or recreational marijuana, even in jurisdictions where it may be legal under local law)
  8. Promotes the sale of a legal substance that provides the same effect as an illegal drug (e.g., salvia, kratom)

Publishers on Dochase Adx are to taken note of the above and more. Publishers that go against any of the above policies or any other ad policy will be disconnected from receiving ad revenue from Dochase Adx and will not be paid earnings for ad services rendered prior to any ad policy violation.

Advertisers on Dochase Adx can also following the above policy as any violation of the above on landing page or corresponding pages/interface that consumers will have interaction with, such ad will not be run on Dochase Adx as any violation will cost us our credibility and worse.

Please Note; that Dochase can update the policy as often as required, the above policy is not limited to just the above. Publishers can read up on the ad policies of other ad networks, policies for all ad network are similar in every way.

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