Ads.txt – What it means and the consequences that follow

Ads.txt – What it means and the consequences that follow

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In my mini-series on programmatic advertising, i’ll like to talk a bit on some thing that can become a lot more in advertising which is ads.txt. So far the most of the publishers haven’t found the reason to be concerned on it. So what’s it about? Ads.txt is a simple text file which states the advertiser partners a publisher/website has. Basically what it does is it sort of creates an “authorized dealer” of their traffic/product thereby fighting fraud against people posing as resellers of your traffic.

What’s the benefit to the advertiser, DSP’s and all? It helps to eliminate the issue of bot traffic, domain spoofing as well as serves as a sort of QC for dealing with SSP’s. If an SSP has itself listed in the ads.txt of the publisher then the buyer is a lot safer in the fact that the traffic is coming from that particular website. From reports, IAB and Google have been at the forefront of the implementation and so far the implementation is estimated at about 12-15% even though that’s not definite.

From this end, it takes about 5 mins to implement the ads.txt file for a publisher and that makes one wonder why the rate of implemetation is low. Why? In my opinion, the Publisher does not see the benefit. If one sees things from their end they’ll say why should i list who i’m selling to? How does it”Directly” benefit me? With that, most prefer to keep things as they are. In such a case it now becomes the story of the carrot and the stick. If one decides to move with the stick of not dealing with sites that don’t have it implemented, there would be a global drop in supply and therefore an increase in cost and scarcity of traffic. BAD news…. However if there’s an increase in bids for ads.txt implemented sites there could possibly be an increase in adoption and even though it might cost a bit more, it’ll be a lot better than a global scarcity of supply traffic.


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