Ads Policies

Ads Policies

Dochase Ad PolicyMost publishers do not know how to combine managing user engagement and ad monetization. They sometimes focus too much on ads and its returns and forget about their users.

Dochase ads has its own ads policy. It is important for all Dochase publishers to comply with these policies if they are interested in the business of advertising.

  • No Adult Imagines or Videos

Some Publishers have adult rated images and videos on their websites. This pictures and videos are mostly pictures of naked model or models in revealing outfits. Any picture or video that you can neither show to a child or your grand mother should not be on your website.

It is important to always check what ads show on your website from time to time especially from third party ads.

  • Ads Intentionally Placed Near Navigation Keys

Some publishers intentionally implement ads on navigation keys, causing users to click on it without even knowing. Users should not be tricked to click on any advert. This is prohibited on Dochase ads.

  • Insufficient Content

When your website has little or no content on it, it is difficult to have users coming on such website. With low content your users hardly have anything to read on your website.

Some websites, have a lot of pictures and videos on them and hardly any text to explain what they are really into. Websites like this are not approved on the Dochase publishers list.

  • Excess Pop-ups

Excess pop-ups are also prohibited on Dochase ads. You don’t want to annoy and scare away users with too many pop-ups. Imagine if you  have to see and close a different windows  every time you open a new page, this is not cool.

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